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2009-05-02 03:09 am

Fanvid: Draco/Luna: Haunted

Pairings: Draco/Luna
Song: Haunted by Evanesence
Summary: Luna POV and largely inspired by the lyrics. She is not sure whether her relationship with Draco is a good thing or not. (AU)
A/N: made per request of twilightlover378

Haunted )
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2009-05-02 03:18 am

Fanvid: Snape/Harry

Pairing: Snape/Harry
Song: Karmacoma by Massive Attack
Summary: Snape wonders why Harry is with him, and asks if Harry is sure.
A/N: Clips used from Closer by NIN

Are you sure? )
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2009-05-02 03:25 am

fanvid: Harry/Draco: Something I Can Never Have

Pairing: Harry/Draco
Song: Something I Can Never Have by NIN
Summary: Harry thinks about Draco and imagines what things could be like.

Something I Can Never Have )
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2009-05-02 03:36 am

fanvid: McGonagall/Trelawney: Nothing Else Matters

Pairing: McGonagall/Trelawney
Song: Nothing Else Matters by Apocalyptica
Summary: McGonalgall tries to help comfort Trelawney after she is confronted by Umbridge. Implied femmeslash relationship.
A/N: could be canon if you squint

Nothing Else Matters )
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2009-05-02 03:43 am

Fanvid: Harry centric

Character: Harry
Song: Trip Like I Do by Filter
Summary: Harry thinks about his possession by Voldemort and tries to talk about it to his friends.

Trip Like Me )
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2009-05-02 03:49 am

fanvid: draco/harry: series inspired by fic A Love so Belated

Pairing: Draco/Harry
Songs: In Pieces by Linkin Park, Forbidden love by Madonna, I love you by Sarah Mclachlan
Summary: 3 Fanvids inspired by A Love so Belated by [personal profile] slashpervert

Vids under cut )
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2009-05-02 04:02 am

fanvid: Draco/Hermione: Say My Name

Pairing: Draco/Hermione
Song: Girl Dissolved by Massive Attack
Summary: Hermione wants there to be more between her and Draco
Warnings: teaser vid with suggestive scenes
A/N: I might make another vid with this song because of how much I like the song. I just don't know yet.

Say My Name )
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2009-05-02 04:09 am

fanvid: Ron centric: everyday is exactly the same

Character: Ron
Song: Everyday is Exactly the Same by NIN
Summary: Ron feels like he is overshadowed by everyone around him.
A/N: some love for Ron!

Everyday is Exactly the Same )
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2009-05-02 04:13 am

fanvid: harry/ron: apologise

Pairing: Harry/Ron
Song: Apologise by One Republic
Summary: Harry is not sure if he can forgive Ron this time. Slash implied but can also just be seen as friendship.

Apolgise )
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2009-05-02 04:19 am

fanvid: harry/ron: my beautiful

Pairing: Harry/Ron (with Viktor/Ron)
Song: My Beautiful by Lennon
Summary: Ron has a crush on Harry and feels like a third wheel because he thinks Harry is with Hermione.
A/N: Fanvid won first place in a contest! AU category.

My Beautiful )
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2009-05-02 04:25 am
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fanvid: harry centric: where I wanted to go

Character: Harry
Song: Clocks by Coldplay
Summary: Harry's desire to go back home.

Where I Wanted to Go... )
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2009-05-02 04:30 am

fanvid: crossover: harry potter/river tam: holding on

Pairing: harry potter/ river tam
Song: Holding On by VNV Nation
Summary: Harry and River see and talk to each other despite being in different verses. (lol. makes more sense if you watch the vid, but don't intend for them to get together just have a mutual longing and can hear each other.)

holding on )
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2009-05-02 04:37 am

fanvid: harry/draco: Break the Habit

Pairing: Harry/Draco
Song: Break the Habit by Linkin Park
Summary: Harry doesn't feel like fighting anymore and decides to become friends with Draco. Slash not necessarily implied.

Break the Habit )
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2009-05-02 04:40 am

fanvid: padfoot/moony: possession

Pairing: Padfoot/Moony
Song: Possession by Sarach Mclachlan
Summary: Remus reminiscing about Sirius and his life.

Possession )
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2009-05-02 04:44 am
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fanvid: dumbledore's army: theme song?

Characters: the DA! (mostly Ron, Hermione, Harry, and Ginny)
Song: Superb by Fahrenheit
Summary: The DA resolve to win!
A/N: The song is by a boy band from Taiwan. Lyrics are translated in the subtitles. The song is about not being able to stand by and watch but feeling compelled to fight.

My Era )
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2009-05-02 04:52 am

fanvid: draco/pansy: my immortal

Pairing: Draco/Pansy
Song: My Immortal by Evanesence
Summary: Pansy feels like Draco isn't really there in the relationship.
A/N: Vid could be inferred from scene on train in book 6 (at least this is my view)

My Immortal )
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2009-05-02 05:02 am

fanvid: Hermion,Draco: Beautiful

Characters: Hermione, Draco
Song: Beautiful by Joydrop
Summary: Hermione compares Draco's Beauty to hers.
A/N: Beauty can be in the eye of the beholder. Also intelligence is sexy ;)

Beautiful )
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2009-05-02 05:05 am

Fanvid: Harry centric: teardrop

Characters: Order of the Pheonix vs Death Eaters
Song: Teardrop by Massive Attack
Summary: Various fights between the groups
A/N: Not as happy with the vid now as I was before, and considering redoing some of it. Also one of my first fanvids.

Teardrop )
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2009-05-02 05:10 am

fanvid: harry centric: mad world

Character: Harry
Song: Mad World by Gary Jules
Summary: Harry feeling out of place in the Wizard community.

Mad World )
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2009-05-02 01:01 pm
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Fanvid: Harry centric: hurt

Character: Harry Potter
Song: Hurt by NIN
Summary: Harry fears that he will only hurt or lose Hermione and Ron as he feels guilty for everyone that has been hurt around him...

Hurt )